Friday, March 8, 2013

                                Mine, All Mine

  Author: D.L. Rose
  Publisher: Tinderboox
  Pages: 218 pages
  Genres: Historical Romance

    Lillian St. James is a privileged and beautiful duke's daughter whose world is turned upside down when her widowed mother marries a seedy merchant.

   After her mother suddenly dies as well, Lilly has no one to turn to when scandal erupts over her stepfather's treason. As her world falls apart Lilly is forced to go into hiding with the help of her loyal staff. She finds work as a cook,s assistant in the kitchen of a wealthy but mysterious aristocrat. 

   Dominic Coel, Earl of Redwick, is a spy on the cusp of retirement. He is ordered to complete one last mission. He must track down a young girl who disappeared with stolen royal jewels. Dominic is desperate to complete his task and begin a normal life without murder and lies. While he must focus on his duties he can't help but be distracted by the mysterious beauty who has just joined his kitchen staff. The girl is innocent to say the least, but her elusive nature and cultured speech drives him to wonder who the real Miss Millie James is.

 This is a story set in London in the 1800's  with romance, suspense, and a great plot. I enjoyed this book it was a fun, quick read I give it five stars.