Thursday, June 6, 2013

                                    Border Bride

 Author: Amanda Scott
 Publisher: Open Road Media 
 Pages: 390 pages
 Genre: Historical Romance
 Trilogy: The Border Trilogy

   Set in treacherous sixteenth- century Scotland, the first Volume of Amanda Scott's Border Trilogy tells the unforgettable story of a woman sworn to defy the knight she is forced to wed-only to discover a love she'll do anything to claim

As Mary Queen of Scots, languishes in the Tower of London as a prisoner of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, war tears Scotland apart. To save her beloved homeland, a proud Highland beauty named Mary Kate MacPherson must wage her own battle when she's forced into wedlock with a Knight, Sir Adam Douglas, from the barbaric borderland of Tornary. Even as she succumbs to her seductive husband's sensual demands, Mary Kate vows never to give him her heart. She will belong to no man. But Adam burns with something deeper than desire. sworn to carry out a long- awaited revenge, he won't rest until he has vanquished his enemies. Accused of treason, the last thing he expects is to lose his heart to the woman he's determined to tame but never to love: his own wife. 

  This story starts off at house Critchfield with Mary Kate Attending her Aunt Sarah, Lady Aberfoyle of Edinburgh's, party where she dance's with a young Kenneth Gillespie. With the bagpipes playing loudly, and beautiful satin gown's awhirl Mary Kate is enjoying herself when there is a thunderous sound at the front door. The party, interrupted, stops and great the doors are opened to reveal four men. A Sir Adam Douglas of Tornary a close friend of the King, and a Sir William MacGaurie, the other two men are Sir Adam's men. Some time later, hearing her name, she turns to find her uncle standing just behind her with the tall borderer at his side.

   This book was great, never a dull moment, I like the characters Mary Kate with her strong will and Sir Adam with his temper which is explosive when it comes to Mary Kate. I loved this Historical Romance, I give this book five stars.