Saturday, August 24, 2013

                          Gone Wild

Author: Ever McCormick
Publisher: All night Reads
Pages: 260 pages
Genres: New Adult

  Just before college graduation, Ina--star of her senior class--made a mistake that went viral. Then, when life seemed like it couldn't get any worse, she walked in on her her boyfriend cheating with her roommate. To get away, Ina ventures to a cabin on a remote mountain, intent on some solitary time.

She doesn't count on Adam--the man who watches over the cabins--being so distractingly sexy. Adam came to the mountain to get distance from anything that could cause him pain, and Ina stirs feelings in him he thought he'd left behind.

As Adam and Ina open up about their pasts, the mountain seems like the perfect setting for a second chance at love.

Until they realize they're not alone.

I love this story it made me want to go camping in the mountains for a weekend. That was until I thought about all the bugs that would be out their and changed my mind. In this book the main character Ina finds her boyfriend in bed with her friend who is also her roommate. After that she goes to a mountain retreat to find herself again and find out what she wants to do with her life. Once she is their she meets Adam who you think is a mountain man, but you find out their is more to him then you think.. As they get to now each other they find out that someone is on the mountain with them and he is not the friendly type. In this story their is lots of adventure and the characters both find out that they can let go of some things and live their lives to the fullest even if it took a lot to get their. I fell in love with this story and could not put it down I read it all in one night. I'm giving this book five stars.