Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bionics book 3 Secrets Cover Reveal
The Bionics Series continues:
The year is 4010.
Nuclear war and the wasteful nature of humans have all but destroyed the United States. A new government regime rules the day with strict laws, rationed food, and careful control. When those injured in the nuclear blasts that rocked many of the nations largest cities are offered another chance by the Restoration Project, how could they refuse?

Little do they know that the robotic additions to their body will paint targets on their backs once the government decides that they are dangerous. At the forefront of the resistance is a girl with a bionic eye, Blythe Sol, who wants nothing more than to be a normal girl. Blythe has yet to realize that normal will never exist again for her, or anyone else

Before The Resistance, my life was one of privilege and comfort. Before The Resistance, mine was a mindset of naivete and blind trust in a broken and corrupt government. Before The Resistance, I’d never stood up or fought for anything in my life.
Now, there is everything to fight for and everything to lose. All for a glimmer of hope in our future. It may seem a small thing but with the smallest bit of hope, men have risen against their oppressors with fists raised, even when they knew they stared into the face of death.
Now that I have found something to fight for, I can only hope that my past will not become a roadblock to my future and that the secrets I’ve kept from those whose trust I’ve gained will not come back to ruin the new life I’ve made. If they do, I fear that I will not only lose my place as part of the Resistance, but the heart of the girl I am slowly coming to love. 

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“We’re going to have to use the escape pod and make a run for it.”
“Are you insane?” Blythe screeches, her knuckles nearly white where she’s gripping the guns’ controls. Her hair is plastered to her neck and face from sweat, her eyes wide with fear, the human eye’s pupil dilated by adrenaline. “Landing in D.C. is a death sentence!”
“We don’t have a choice,” the Professor interjects, his voice surprisingly calm. How the hell does the man do it? “We can try to lose ourselves in the crowd and find a hotel to hole up in until we can form a plan. We have to try to disguise ourselves, even you, Gage, as Jack Knightly’s face is now undoubtedly all over the news along with ours.”
Jenica reaches into one of the many pockets of her flight suit and comes out with a syringe. “Let’s do it,” she says as she pulls the cap off the syringe before jamming it into her carotid artery.
Blythe shrieks in reaction to the sight and I cringe. Jenica doesn’t even flinch … and then she is on her knees, groaning through clenched teeth as the familiar sound of popping bone and stretching cartilage tells me what she’s just done. She’s used the same DNA altering serum that gave me my disguise. Only her transformation isn’t nearly as dramatic and when she stands, I find myself staring into a familiar, yet unfamiliar face. The titanium plate that covers half her face like an opera mask is gone and I am now able to see what Jenica looked like before the blasts tore off a huge chunk of her face. Two dark, slanted eyes and a cute, button nose are cover by flawless, porcelain skin. My jaw drops.
“Since I have a prosthetic that is harder to hide than the others, I always carry one,” she says with a shrug. “Most people don’t remember what I looked like before the blasts anyway and it’s easier to use my own DNA than someone else’s. My genetic material holds the code for the missing parts of my face.”
I snatch off my baseball cap and hand it to the Professor, who tucks his wild curls under it and pulls the brim down low. Of the four of us, his face is the most recognizable. He takes off his glasses and hands them to Jenica, who slips them on over her face, taking focus off her very distinctive eyes and sloping cheekbones. Blythe slides open the door to the escape pod and finds two M.P.’s uniform inside. She quickly dons one and though it is oversized, it more importantly comes with a helmet that will cover her face. I shed my pilot’s uniform and throw the other set of armor on over my flight suit, putting on the other helmet. We step into the escape pod, which barely fits the four of us. We are pressed together like sardines, with the Professor and me standing shoulder to shoulder. Blythe is in front of me, with her back pressed against my front. For a split second, I reach for her hand and clasp it tightly. She is trembling, but that stops the moment our hands touch, as if she’s drawing strength from me. I let her have as much of it as she needs, placing my other hand at her waist and pulling her close in an embrace.
“It’s going to be okay,” I whisper as Jenica presses the button to release the pod. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
My earlier promise to her bears repeating after all that’s happened today. Things have gone horribly wrong once again and I need her to know that no matter what the cost to myself, I will stay true to my word.
“I know,” she says, even though her shaky voice says otherwise. I give her another squeeze as the pod shoots away from the hovercraft. It hurdles downward toward the city so swiftly my heart drops down into my stomach.
“Hey Jenica,” I ask conversationally, trying to detract from the dread growing in my middle. Once we hit the ground, it’s time to start running. “If you can change your face back with a simple injection of DNA and hide your titanium plate, why wouldn’t you?”
Jenica’s eyes are sharp and her voice cuts me like a knife as she shoots me a glare over her shoulder. “Because,” she says, her voice shaking with years’ worth of suppressed rage, “I shouldn’t have to.”

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