Wednesday, January 15, 2014

                                    Highlander Mine

Author: Juliette Miller 
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Genres: Historical Romance 
Series: Clan Mackenzie
Pages: 368 pages
Expected Publication: January 28th 2014

        Deep in the lush highlands, a powerful laird with everything to lose must risk it all for the lass who storms into his keep--and his heart. 

        Raised on the debouched margins of society, Amelia Taylor depends upon her quick wit and fiery spirit to survive. When danger closes in on her already precarious home, she flees in the highlands and finds refuge in the iron-strong circle of Clan Mackenzie. There, her lack of propriety and intriguing beauty draw the attentions of their formidable leader. But to remain safe from pursuit, she must conceal her identity, even if it means deceiving Lair Knox Mackenzie.

    A fiercely guarded and staunchly moral warrior, know never expected a ravishing stranger like Amelia to reawaken his desires. Yet as their heated confrontations unlock untold passion, temptation proves impossible to resist. So when Amelia's tapestry of lies begins to unravel, the secrets from her dark past threaten both his clan and a future they can only dare to dream.......

      I got this from NetGalley because it sounded good and I'm glad I did. This book had me from page one.  Amelia leaves her sister behind and takes her nephew Hamish with her at her sisters urgent request. A man by the name of Sebastian Fawkes has threatened bodily harm to Hamish to get what he wants and that's Amelia. While on the run they stop in a tavern in hopes of finding food and maybe a job for Amelia. They come up with a story to tell people so no one can find them. They meet a lady, her sister,a friend, and their body guards that stop to eat wile on there way home to the highlands. Hamish tells this to the lady and  they end up on the road with the lady to her brothers clan in the Highlands. From there the story gets even better. She meets Laird Knox Mackenzie of the Clan Mackenzie. The chemistry between them is almost instant. I could not put this book down it had me captivated. I can't wait to read the other books in this series. I give this story five stars for a beautifully written love story.